Fort McMurray Fundraiser

Date: May 18, 2016 Author: Words - Micaela Wallace, Photos - Ashleigh Kaliszuk Categories: Articles | Latest News

On May 10, the motorcycle community in Edmonton and surrounding areas gathered to raise funds for those affected by the wildfires in Fort McMurray. The Rig Riders Motorcycle Club and The Litas Edmonton, joined efforts with Blackjacks Roadhouse to put on the event, which included a mini-poker run, 50/50 draw, silent auction, live music from local Edmonton band The Unlisted and a BBQ.  The...

Fast Times Issue Preview

Date: May 6, 2016 Author: fasttimesmag Categories: Articles | Latest News

The premiere issue of Fast Times magazine is now on newsstands and available at select retailers across Canada. In case you haven’t got your hands on it yet we’ve compiled a preview of what you will find within its pages.  To locate a copy near you click here and type in Fast Times for the nearest newsstand dealer in your area.   Cover photo by Jordan Epp   FRONT END...

Wrenching Photo Show

Date: May 3, 2016 Author: Ryan Johansen Categories: Latest News

I suppose it’s kind of fitting that a photo show celebrating Canada’s other winter pastime – working on motorbikes – would be accompanied by one last sneaky cold weather suckerpunch from ol’ Jack Frost, the most ruthless and diabolical hater of them all. As the temperature dipped and then dropped, a handful of Fast Times’ allies and accomplices assembled to turn Academy of Lions,...

Two In The Bush 2016

Date: May 3, 2016 Author: Brian Watson Categories: Latest News

Growing up in Ottawa you end up fairly isolated from cool stuff. So as a result trying to break into a scene that doesn't even exist leads you to become creatie and utilize your own resources to make things happen. Like many, I started out riding solo on a crusty bike that I could barely keep running. I spent most of my time searching for answers online, that half the time wouldn't do...

Review: Uncle Mike's

Date: March 17, 2016 Author: Ryan Johansen Categories: Latest News

  I am an idiot. Whenever I head into the garage to dig into some bike project – whether it’s just an oil change or chain maintenance, or something more involved – I always plan on wearing gloves. I’ve got a huge package of them sitting right there in my tool cabinet. I mean to wear them but my ramrod enthusiasm usually gets the better of me and soon enough my bare hands are caked in...

Mama Tried - Recap

Date: March 17, 2016 Author: fasttimesmag Categories: Latest News

Winter vacationing in Milwaukee. Yup. That’s right. I packed my Crown Vic with four Torontonians and drove to Milwaukee, WI in the dead of winter. Home of Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee hosts Mama Tried, an annual bike show in its third year and our main reason to trek somewhere colder than Toronto in February. Mama Tried is an invitational, where builders are handpicked to showcase their work...

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