Fast Times Issue Preview

Date: May 6, 2016 Author: fasttimesmag Categories: Articles | Latest News

The premiere issue of Fast Times magazine is now on newsstands and available at select retailers across Canada. In case you haven’t got your hands on it yet we’ve compiled a preview of what you will find within its pages. 

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Cover photo by Jordan Epp



Matty Matheson’s Roadside Food Review: Jerky

Matty Matheson, Vice, Munchies, Jerky

On most road trips the majority of meals are devised during stops at gas stations and one popular choice among riders is beef jerky. We wanted to find out what makes for the best jerky, to better inform future gas station choices, so we asked Matty Matheson, prominent Toronto chef, star of Munchies’ Keep it Canada, and Viceland’s Dead Set on Life, to sit down with us to review some commonly found gas station jerky. 


Swap Meet Finds with Cycle Zombies’ Scotty Stopnik 

Cycle Zombies, Scotty, Stopnik,

We caught up with Scotty at his home in Southern California to take a look through some of his most cherished swap meet finds he’s collected over the years.



Alex Snelgrove, Ashley Mitchell, Brian Jessop, Sam Villanueva, Elias Klein

We are all curious about who’s doing what in the Canadian motorcycle community, so we have amassed a recurring section of profiles to give you a glimpse into the lives of some very talented and interesting Canadian riders who are doing cool shit. This issue includes Alex Snelgrove a Toronto based tattoo artist and illustrator, Brian Jessop who’s dubbed the Prairie Hustler by those who know him and his dedication to building, Ashley Mitchell a Vancouver staple and Canadian authority in all things bike related, Sam Villanueva a mechanic, builder and flat track racer who is apart of the Nightfighters M.C., and Elias Klein A.K.A. The Cosmic Catalyst, a Regina, Saskatchewan local you’ll just have to read about in this issue to figure out where his out of this world name comes from.



Husqvarna Ice Rip

Husqvarna, Husky

Husqvarna Canada invited us and our crew of misfits to Franklin Motosport facility in Quebec to test out their 2016 bike lineup, on ice. There’s no better recipe for a story than a randomly amassed crew driving across the province in a ’93 Crown Vic, rocking out to classic rock, en route to demo brand-new bikes on a frozen lake, which is something not one of them has attempted before.


Welcome To Detroit: Three Canadians in America’s Forgotten City 

Once a booming metropolis and the automotive capital of America, Detroit has seen better days. The current state of the city aside, it has fostered a strong motorcycle scene, including the annual event Oily Souls. We follow three Canadians as they head out from Toronto to Detroit to take in the scene, the lifestyle, and the sights of this once prominent motor city on their way to attend Oily Souls 3.


Jiggs Harlock: Innocence, Rebellion and Duty 

As the last surviving member of The Oshawa Motorcycle Club circa the 1930s, at age 97, Jiggs Harlock invited us into his nursing home for one final conversation on what it was like growing up in an era of innocence with a crew of friends who loved motorcycles, and how his life changed in the face of WWII.


Off-Roading In Ottawa 

Contributor Rémi Thérault takes on the challenge of a three-way interview with Ottawa local off-roaders, Andrew Szeto, Tom Pajdlhauser and Drew Mosley. From getting to know the terrain eastern Ontario has to offer, to the trouble they get into locally and internationally, there’s never a dull moment with this crew.


Jason Parker: Twenty-Five To Life 

Prominent Canadian builder Jason Parker sits down for a one-on-one interview to discuss his 25 years of building racecars and motorcycles, as well as the highs and lows that come along with the job and the impressive collection of choppers, cars and magazines he has amassed over the years.


Artifacts: Photo Gallery 

A collection of eye-catching photos from talented Canadian photographers taken at home and during their travels across North America.