Grand Prix De Mud 2017 Photo Gallery

Date: June 20, 2017 Author: fasttimesmag Categories: Articles
What is it? A whole lotta fun is what it is. Staying true to the dirt bike race format, the Annual Grand Prix De Mud has a start and a finish line—but does it matter? 
This past Sunday June 11th with the sun blazing, the Town Moto crew BBQ'ing and people riding whatever they had to ride, new or old, the Grand Prix De Mud went down in Campbellville, Ont.  We caught up with event founder Lawrence Hacking to get him to sum up the day in a few quick words, "The most important aspect of the event is lots of people attended, and they had a ton of fun!" There ya have it. Check out the photos from the day below, and be sure to join us next year.
 Photos by Jarret Anderson