Squatchers - Watch & Vote Now!

Date: March 21, 2017 Author: fasttimesmag Categories: videos
A Sasquatch and the Filthmode MC riding XTs. That's all I need to get hyped on a video called Squatchers spearheaded by Vancouver locals Mike Babiarz and Cory Grandfield.
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Deep in the Canadian wilderness, two men are on the hunt for the legendary sasquatch. Time and again they are foiled by a band of outlaw motorcycle riders, but when they finally corner it, the sasquatch makes them a magical offer they can't refuse.

SQUATCHERS from Mike Babiarz on Vimeo.


Of course, nothing magical happens without a little help from friends. Dawn Wright made the mushrooms and other stuff, Nate Evans took care of sound, Jon West flew the drone, Tyler McLeod and Johnny Wakeham starred in it with a bunch of other people.