5 Questions: Grand Prix de Snow

Date: February 17, 2017 Author: fasttimesmag Categories: Articles
Grand Pre de Snow
We wanted to know more about what Lawrence Hacking has in store for the 2017 Grand Prix de Snow, so we caught up with him to get the dirt... or snow in this case. If you're in Ontario this weekend you don't want to miss this event as it will be an all-fun, hardly any rules, run-what-you-brung type of day. 
What is the Grand Prix de Snow about and why did you want to start it?
The Grand Prix de Snow is a winter social event with motorcycles as the catalyst. The idea came from our friends at Town Moto. I love these people! They know how to have fun and not take things too seriously. Riding in snow is one of the most fun things you can do on a bike, on the right day, in the right conditions, with the right people it truly is an incredible way to spend a winter day.
What do participants need to bring?
Participants should come prepared to spend all day outside whatever the temperature, the good thing is if you get cold you can pop into the Chop House to warm up with a coffee or hot chocolate or stand by the fire. We have a 'run what you bring' policy there are very few rules, and I ask that if you expect a serious day of racing, you should find somewhere else to ride. If you plan on complaining about this or that stay home, please. This is a fun day and a chance to try out the new Husqvarnas. There is nothing to win except a cheap plastic recycled trophy and a ton of very cool prizes.  Studded tires are optional.
Do all bikes need to have spiked tires?
Studded tires are optional.
Will the event be fun for spectators?
 Of course, it will be fun for everyone, Expect to see lots of thrills, spills and bench racing and plenty of hi-jinx.
Anything else you want to mention about the event? 
Without the co-operation of Town Moto, the GP de Snow would be s simple idea, without the hospitality and welcoming nature of the Mohawk Inn owners and staff we would be sitting at home watching Netflix on Sunday, Feb 19th. All the many sponsors make it happen and of course without Husqvarna support it just wouldn't be the same. We are all very grateful for the opportunity to realize the first of hopefully many Grand Prix de Snows.

For more info, visit the event page on TownMoto.com