Two In The Bush 2016

Date: May 3, 2016 Author: Brian Watson Categories: Latest News

Growing up in Ottawa you end up fairly isolated from cool stuff. So as a result trying to break into a scene that doesn't even exist leads you to become creatie and utilize your own resources to make things happen. Like many, I started out riding solo on a crusty bike that I could barely keep running. I spent most of my time searching for answers online, that half the time wouldn't do anything to solve my problem. Then one day while trying to distract myself from the 'desk jockey' 9-5 life I live, the sweet sweet sound of a pile of shit Ironhead rumbled from across the parking lot. Immediately my ears perked up and it wasn't hard to spot. "Finally", I said to myself, this was not the typical leather clad, skull-capped biker with an over-accessorized soft-tail. Oh no, this was a rusty old rigid Ironhead with straight pipes, frisco'd tank and giant apes. I was in shock. "Nobody in this city runs cool shit" I thought. But man was I wrong. Thankfully the Ironhead did what they do best and broke down, giving me a chance to cruise up and take a closer look.

Fast forward a few years, and this encounter would prove to create a 'bromance' between Jeff, Shazy and myself that would change bikes for me as I knew it. Suddenly, I was riding with other dudes who were into the same shit as me. No more relying solely on the internet to help me solve my problems. No longer was I watching other people shredding together and wishing I was able to do the same thing. I had a fuckin' crew! Naturally, as most addictions go we wanted more. The equation was simple, increase the quantity of good humans and this will result in more good times as we saw it. Enough of vicariously living through other peoples fun online, we thought, it was time to make our own. Sort of a 'manifest destiny' kind of thing you might say. 'Two in the Bush' was born.

This run was our attempt at bringing together as many like-minded people as we could in the middle of the bush to ride, crush beers and share stories the old fashion way. We chose a place that had little to no reception, so making sure our insta-feeds were updated could wait until the weekend was over. I'd say we accomplished just that.

Going onto our 4th straight year, we've seen it all. Couple of breakdowns, getting to know the local law enforcement, fire walking, countless ‘newfied beers’, and a hospital visit are among a few of the highlights...or low lights, depending on who is telling the story. 

We have been fortunate to have great people turning out year after year, that we can all consider friends now. New humans are always welcome. But there is only one rule, check your ego at home and enjoy yourself and the new friends you will inevitably make. See you in the bush!

2016 Event Details:

Dates: Saturday, July 30 - Monday August 1

Location: Pine Grove Point Campground

Address: 4445 Elephant Lake Rd, Harcourt, O.N. K0L 1X0

Details: Camping fees paid directly to the campground. Food and Beer supplied for a nominal charge.

Sponsors: To Follow.


Words by Brian Watson, Photos by Remi Thérault