Grip It And Lane Split It

Date: September 19, 2016 Author: fasttimesmag Categories: Articles


Words by Justin Benson, Photos by Barnabas Siwila

Just over a week ago I heard a knock at my door and to my surprise it was my mailman, Jake. Over the past few weeks our acquaintanceship had blossomed into a full-fledged friendship, though many were quick to point out it was largely due to him being on strike and having a newfound surplus of time on his hands. I like to think he just liked the cut of my jib (and probably my supply of cold beer). I opened the door and to my delight Jake was holding a large brown box with a familiar Biltwell logo embossed on it. Our usual rapport was going to have to wait.

I laid down my John Hancock, ripped the box from his hand, grabbed the closest sharp object (a nail clipper), and tore into the cardboard. As the flaps fell to the ground my eyes were illuminated by Biltwell’s latest and greatest creation: The Lane Splitter.

Within seconds the true-to-size helmet was on my head and its straps (with their convenient D-ring button) were fastened securely under my chin. I grabbed my keys, slid into my birkenstocks, and climbed aboard my XR. Ripping out of my ‘hood and onto the open road I could tell they’d done their homework with the venting: my face was cool as a cucumber thanks to the aggressive front, side, and rear vents. Thanks to the Lane Splitters excellent wide eye port I was also able to easily navigate through a minefield of crushed “Black Ice” cans and pizza crusts littering the street.

A few turns later and I was out on the highway. I’d accidentally left my shield up, which stayed there perfectly thanks to the top notch mounting hardware, and I was assaulted by the deadly “floating white fluff” in the air. A mighty sneeze emerged and I was nearly sent off my steed. Thankfully I kept her up and my concern immediately shifted to having to clean the inside of my beloved new head gear. But, once again Biltwell had thought it out and made it easy with a removable chin bar, cheek pads, and shock absorbing liner for all your washing/airing out needs.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with this newest addition to the Biltwell line up. Aesthetically gorgeous, it’s also tuff as nails with all the guts to back it up. Coming in 7 different colors you’ll be able to find one to match your Sunday’s best with ease. I’ll be happily squeezing out the last few weeks of summer with a Lane Splitter atop my head.